Coloring Samples

All Colors by:
Bryan Timmins

Lines by Stefano Cardoselli.---- Color by me (Bryan Timmins)

Upcoming comic project. Written by CW Cooke. Lines by Daniel Franco. Color by Me.

Pinup for the comic CHARL13. Art and color by Me.

CHARL13 is a comic written by Fines Massey and Chris Burgess with art by Kristofor Harris.

purchase here:

Carnage. Color by Me. Lines by Kristofor Harris

Pinup for the comic called Nightsmoke. Art and colors by Me.

H.P. Lovecraft. Art and colors by Me.

Art and Colors by Me.

The Thing.

Art and Colors by Me.

This piece was included in the recent book called “The Thing:Artbook” It’s a huge volume filled with hundreds of art pieces by many talented artists. Purchase the book here: